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Poem and music by ostrichlittledungeon
Narrator voiced by Bambosh


the year is 2020
presidenttrump has led our nation into one of the worst econonic recession in the history of earth
imigrants are pouring through the southern border
if you thought the econony was bad with Obana in charge, think again.
and not only has trump destroyed the country, but he’s running for reelection
his challenger? cory booker
its up to jhon ebgret to make his way to the white house and assassin the president so that we can finally have cory in the house
is he a bad enough dude to off the president of the united statess? dont turn that dial,


from C A N W A V E 2, released January 20, 2017

"The Star Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key
"Explore" by George Buzinkai

Track Art by yazshu




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we make muisc for cool and new web comic, a story based on homestuck but better

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